Kinderkrankheiten bei iTunes Podcasts

Kaum hatte ich ein bisschen mit iTunes 4.9 rumgespielt, da hatte ich auch schon die ersten Fehlermeldungen beim Laden – es gong um ungültige URLs.

Aber siehe da: Das Unofficial Apple Weblog hat die Lösung:

I’ve been having difficulty subscribing to several of the podcast feeds available in the iTMS. I’ll click subscribe, then the dialog will pop up asking if I am sure I want to subscribe, I click yes, then the podcast appears in my podcast pane with a little ! next to it. I click on the !, and I am met with something like the following:

podcast URL error

If this happens to you, here’s the solution: Go back to the iTMS. Instead of subscribing to the entire podcast, simply click the "Get Episode" button next to the podcast to which you want to subscribe. The episode will begin loading in your podcasts pane and the podcast will appear above the individual episode with a "Subscribe" button. Click on that Subscription button and now for some unknown reason, it works. Probably something to do with podcast feeds that aren’t properly embedded, but who knows?

Es gibt also offensichtlich noch Kinderkrankheiten – hoffen wir, dass die schnell ausgebügelt werden.

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