Ein bisschen Perspektive

Im Drunkenblog finden sich – neben der stetig größere Kreise ziehenden Kuh-Aktion – auch etwas praktische Alltagsphilosophie:

When you are sitting there having a drink, and people walk in and sit down, you ask them how they’re doing and where they’re from, and it’s all good. You don’t ask if they’re a republican or democrat, if they voted for the angry little elf or one of the skull-and-bones-candidates, or whether whether they think Apple was robbed or Microsoft really brought personal computing to the world.
If you were to be asking those things, you’d be asking because you wanted to know if they were one of you, and not because you really wanted to know them.

And it’s almost all like that online, everywhere you go, and I suppose a lot of people like it that way. Some of it is that way because it’s just natural — age-old tribalism — and some of it is convenience, and some of it are probably things that my brain isn’t able to wrap itself around right now.
In contrast, when it comes to sitting down and having a drink, all you really care about is whether or not the person is being an asshat, and the differences between you are often what really make everything interesting, not the other way around.

So here’s this guy named Jon, who somehow found my site, and somehow got it into his head to run around a city in Israel with a Cow, for the birthday of a guy an ocean away, whom he knows and is connected with via only a supped-up version of the tin-can radios we had as kids.

I don’t care that Jon uses Windows, and I doubt Jon cares that I usually gravitate towards Macs or Linux, but we both like technology and both think The Cow is amusing.

Chances are, we’d both enjoy a drink together too, and chances are while drinking we’d find out more things we had in common while laughing about what makes us different, and there’s probably something important in there somewhere.

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